Top Counter-Strike Players Ranked at BLAST Premier World Final – A Reddit Community Analysis

Revealing the list of top players in each category at the BLAST Premier World Final in the Counter-Strike game, as discussed by users on a popular subreddit.

The latest subreddit discussion on Counter-Strike took an interesting turn, focusing on crowning the ‘Best players in each HLTV category at BLAST Premier World Final.’ Let’s dive into what the community is saying.


  • Many comments appreciated the skills of players Zywoo, Rain, and m0nenesy.
  • There’s a significant debate on who the better player is between Zywoo and s1mple.
  • Some comments noted a lack of consideration for cultural impact within player rankings.

Moving the goalposts

Discussion on this emotional topic was initiated by ‘Away_Active7903’. As the users took up the banner, ‘different_cryogenic’ asked an insightful question on the cultural impact of the players. Might esports be more than just headshot % and clutch victories?

The Third Wheel of the Duel

The good-old debate of who’s better, Zywoo or s1mple, surfaced in comments like saradahokage1212’s. But ‘PotatoHeadedDruggo’ did point out that we should also appreciate the impressive opening duel % for m0nesy and headshot % for Rain.

Prioritizing Skills Over Names

Users like ‘twohourstillmidnight’ provided their own rankings of the players. Commenters also praised m0nesy’s opening duel strategies and hailed Zywoo as the best player presently.

Analyzing Unsung Heroes

Along the way, there were also some interesting insights. Like ‘darthrector’ humorously invoking m0nesy’s ‘sitters missed after clutching a 1v5’ statistics as a factor too often overlloked.

We now see an even clearer picture of the wide-ranging opinions and perceptions people have regarding the best Counter-Strike players in each HLTV category at the BLAST Premier World Final. Truly, your greatest hero could very well be the next gamer’s unsung underdog.