To Dive or not to Dive? Players Debate on Returning to Warzone 3

A look at players’ perspectives on whether it’s time to parachute back into the fray of COD’s Warzone 3.

Emerging from their COD hiatus, players are expressing mixed sentiments about venturing back into Warzone 3’s battlefield. Reddit user, DrPhillipe, fired up a conversation enquiring whether it’s worth re-enlisting into the Warzone army or bunker down for a little longer.


  • Akimbo revolvers current king of the hill, making smaller maps a ‘shoot-first-ask-question-later’ conundrum
  • Complaints mainly focusing on fixable issues, such as weapon balance and audio
  • Majority find the new map and faster, arcade-style movement engaging
  • Some nostalgic players longing for the Verdansk and Rebirth days

Unleashing the Revolvers

According to JSpell, the akimbo revolvers are currently the uncontested ring champions causing smaller maps to lose their charm. A sentiment echoed by SillyRefrigerator604 who mentions the 3-round burst gun’s capability of melting players in mere seconds.

The Great Map Debate

Lemongrenade praises the new brighter map with its variety of unique paths, simultaneously injecting some optimism into the conversation – asserting the game’s current flaws as fixable.

The Pace of Battle

Players are finding the franchise’s evolution towards a faster-paced, arcade-style gameplay a welcome change. Lemongrenade appreciates the shift, while Vegetable-Ad8473 finds the new gameplay refreshing, if not perfect.

Old Friends: Verdansk and Rebirth

Some, likeshogun_mei, are urging ex-Warzone comrades to wait for the return of Verdansk and Rebirth, invoking a sense of nostalgia in the discussion.

So, is it worth gunning your engine for Warzone 3? Depends on whom you ask. While the akimbo pistols are causing havoc, and the game itself may still have a few kinks to work out, the new map and swift gameplay might just prove enthralling enough to win the hearts of those still on the fence.