Theoretical In-Game Weaponry Brought To Life: Call of Duty Fans Weigh In

Call of Duty fans discuss which theoretical weaponry they’d like to see rendered in real life. Intriguing, hilarious responses ensue.

Now here’s a water cooler topic for you: which wonder weapon or usable item in Call Of Duty (COD) would gamers like to see created in real life? Piqued your interest; didn’t we?


  • Call Of Duty fans revealing a keen interest in seeing their favourite weapons rendered in 3D
  • The conversation ranging from the humorous to the philosophical.
  • Despite the wide array of technological weaponry available, certain weaponry reigns supreme amongst fans.
  • This discussion underscores the immersive effect that COD has on its players.

Favorite Weaponry

From flying to gambling, COD fans definitely harbor some unique ideas about the weapons they’d love to see made in real life. ‘GWS_REVENGE’ manifests their love for the ‘Paralyzer’, presumably eager to defy gravity.

Unexpected Choices

Not all choices were as fanciful, with commentary driving at the deeper implications of certain weapons. ‘MrDeacle’ wonders whether they should consider the possibility of prop usage or an actual functioning replica – a thread sentiment not commonly expected.

Among the Missed

A few observant users pointed out the lack of standout weapons such as the Thundergun and the baby gun, like ‘pugiemblem121’, expressing their preference for the Shrink Ray or “baby gun.”

Iconic Choices

And of course, there were those loyal to the most iconic weapon in the franchise, the ray gun. Users ‘Lumpy_Cartoonist9495’ and ‘TheNorthman13K’ quickly decided on this top choice.

We can’t guarantee anything manifesting in real life, but it’s certainly a delight to witness the creativity and immersion of these gamers. Although, we suspect if any of them did somehow bring their wanted weapons to actuality, they’d probably follow ‘Andycat49’s advice: stick to the stock market with a time bomb – zero risk!