The Vision Dilemma in Genshin Impact: Do Archons Grant Them or Not?

Dive into Genshin Impact’s lore: the debatable role of Archons in vision-granting! Get insights from the gaming community’s perspectives.

Into the world of Genshin Impact, a query that begets many a head-scratch: Do Archons, those godly beings of celestial power, actually grant visions to the mortals of Teyvat? It seems the community has divergent interpretations on this topic. Let’s delve deeper into this digital conundrum.


  • An inconsistency is noted between descriptions of archons’ involvement in vision granting.
  • Some believe Archons involuntarily support the process while others assert it’s more directed.
  • The interpretation seems dependent on the discourse within different in-game regions.

Diverse Interpretations

User RiamuJinxy ventures into an in-depth analysis, suggesting that the vision process appears rather automatic. The Archons contribute energy for visions, but humans with lofty ambition are the ones who can seize such fragments for their vision.

Meanwhile, Andrew583-14 offers a theory: Archons don’t directly grant visions. They simply set aside a portion of their divine power, and some yet unknown Celestial process takes over.

Conjectures and Theories

But hey, we’re not stopping with mere interpretations. We’ve got theories, people! Costyn17 posits that Celestia, not Archons, grants the visions. The Archons are somewhat involved, but they may not even realize it.

All while Accurate_Selection69 throws his hat into the ring with an enticing conjecture, suggesting that the authority over who receives a vision resides solely with a divine being (Celestia or Neuvillette) depending on their control over the elemental authority.

Keeping it Light

Amidst the fertile ground of debate and theory, we have PeterGyrich keeping the atmosphere light. They eloquently put forth, the Archons might be unconsciously granting visions while not actively controlling the system. So yes, nighttime dream grants, anyone?

Whatever the true answer may be, the discussion surrounding the role of Archons in vision-granting in Genshin Impact is certainly an invigorating one. The theories and interpretations brought forward by the community highlight the immense depth of in-game lore and hook the interest of the players. Not knowing definitively how the vision system works adds an engaging layer of mystery, keeping the players captivated as they discover answers organically through the ever-expanding universe of Genshin Impact.