The Unusual Hobby of Fortnite Players: Collecting Franks

Fortnite gamers are indulging in an unofficial hobby, collecting in-game oddity ‘Franks’. We unpack this amusing trend.

Fortnite, the popular online video game, has seen its player base sharing an unexpected interest: the collection of characters, or more specifically, Franks. Posted by ‘BusinessCactus2’, a quirky question asking ‘Anyone else collects Franks, or is it just me?’ sparked a flurry of similar confessions, humorous retorts and curiosity from fellow gamers.


  • The sentiment indicates a positive reaction.
  • The thread has a humorous tone, indicating the users are knowledgeable.
  • The conversation sheds light on an unofficial ‘hobby’ in the Fortnite landscape.

Hunting For Franks

‘Glory_To_Atom’ humorously referred to the prevalence of Franks in the game with the comment, ‘#SEE-BOT SEES IN FRANK, THERE IS SO MUCH FRANK TO SEE’, demonstrating that even bots may have caught onto the trend. In contrast, users like ‘EmbarrassedPickle160’ were busy hunting for Head Hunter models, showing the diversity in collecting interests.

More Than Just Fun

‘Lord_Aaronus’ pointed out a potentially strategic reason for collecting characters, specifically ones with damage perks. This opens up an unexpected layer of complex game strategy – is there a competitive edge in these collections, or is it all just friendly banter?

Fellow Collectors

The forum was flooded with like-minded users such as ‘supremejxzzy’, who revealed their extensive collection of in-game items. Interestingly, the same user seems to have a penchant for collecting ‘rare Thrashers’, showing the niche collections that abound within the game’s community.

Not every Fortnite player collects Franks, but this quirky thread is a testament to the vibrant and creative community that has grown around the blockbuster game. From strategic collectors to those who purely appreciate the aesthetics of a ‘Frank’, the Fortnite landscape is rich with camaraderie, humor, and a collective passion for gaming.