The Unrelenting Love for Call of Duty Explained: A Gamer’s Perspective

This blog explores the reasons gamers remain loyal to the Call of Duty franchise despite its well-aired controversies.

In the sprawling universe of first-person shooter games, the Call of Duty (COD) series has always maintained a unique appeal. Veteran gamer ‘pnellesen’ recently shared their reasons behind this enduring loyalty.


  • The lack of ‘Hero’ or ‘Class’ shooter mechanics, allowing every player equal gear prospects.
  • A variety of game modes beyond just S&D variants (Search and Destroy).
  • The thrill of accumulating Killstreaks/Scorestreaks that can significantly impact the team’s progress.

COD’s Distinct Appeal

What makes COD stand out in the crowd? The absence of ‘Hero’ or ‘Class’ shooter methodology, according to pnellesen. Paul-writes chimes in with his preference for traditional TDM (Team Deathmatch) over objective-based modes. The sentiment extends to the rush and adrenaline that each spawn brings. Keeping it casual, fun, and approachable, COD remains appealing to masses regardless of ‘campers’, ‘trash’ maps, and other niggles.

The Challenge of SBMM

TheHomieArn believes that Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM), a divisive matchmaking system aimed at pitting players against similarly skilled opponents, may pose a significant deterrence to new players. While SBMM is aimed at ensuring balanced and competitive matches, it has been criticized for leading to ‘sweaty’ games where fun is often overshadowed by the pressure of maintaining performance.

Not Losing Hope

This willingness to stick around despite the hurdles extends to users like theory_of_game who are eager to give upcoming COD-esque games a try. Even amidst controversies and unpopularity surrounding SBMM, expensive in-game skins, and emphasis on Warzone, players like I_AM_CR0W continue to enjoy the base game, shrugging off external distractions. After all, at its core, COD still offers the thrilling gameplay that has gripped gamers for years.

Keep Calm and Carry On Playing

Perhaps it’s that simple – the community’s resilience mirrors the fact that Call of Duty, at its heart, continues to be a game where friends or solo players can squad up, gear up, and experience the adrenaline rush of a virtual battlefield. Controversies may rise and fall, but as long as the core gameplay mechanics continue to attract gamers, the march of the franchise continues. So, as our friend pnellesen puts it, as long as Call of Duty continues to provide what it does, there will always be players, armed and ready on the battleground.