The Unending Chase for Perfect Relic Rolls in Honkai: Star Rail

A witty take on the ups and downs that Honkai: Star Rail players face every time they roll for relics.

In the vast universe of Honkai: Star Rail, there seems to be a shared sentiment among players: the elusive pursuit of perfect relic rolls. Let’s delve into their shared frustrations and triumphs.


  • Frequent unexpected outcomes during the relic rolls instigate players’ jealousy.
  • There’s an apparent scarcity of desired stats on relics, adding an element of suspense for players.
  • Players maintain a strong camaraderie, maintaining a sense of humor and shared anticipation with each roll.

A Shared Jealousy

‘It’s cuz I’m jealous,’ admits author Fathersauce117, a sentiment evidently echoed across the game’s community. One user exclaims, ‘everytime i get a relic with 3 good stats it rolls 4-5 times the useless stat. its RIGGED!’, a sentiment that hits close to home for many players.

That Elusive Perfect Roll

Players are often left frustrated with the outcomes of their rolls, more often landing undesired stats on their relics. ‘I don’t have a single, solitary piece from the follow-up set that has more than one roll on a Crit substat,’, laments one user, adding to the growing chorus of longing for that perfect roll.

The Importance of Community

In the face of these adversities, the Honkai: Star Rail players stick together, often sharing humorous comments and images to keep spirits high. Even plot twists get thrown in for good measure, keeping the community engaged and the conversations vibrant.

Despite the shared frustrations, there’s no denying the unity this grueling quest brings. Honkai: Star Rail isn’t just about rolling for relics, it’s also about rolling with the punches. With every disappointing relic stat, the laughs only get louder, the memes funnier, and the community stronger.