The Underwhelming Train Experience in Fortnite’s Chapter 5 – A Reddit Perspective

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 has introduced a new element, the train, which leaves many users feeling underwhelmed.

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 welcomed a new element to its battlefield – the train. It promised a unique and exciting locale for combat, but fans are feeling somewhat disappointed.


  • The train, despite its initial hype, has turned out to be an underwhelming experience.
  • Players aren’t motivated to visit the train due to the poor quality loot it provides.
  • There’s a strong sentiment among players that the train’s potential has been wasted.

The Train – Promises and Reality

For instance, Honk_wd had expected the train to be a prime hotspot for player fights. However, given its current state and lackluster loot, players just engage in spontaneous 1v1 fights and subsequently ditch the locomotive after getting their hands on the chest.

Players’ Suggestions For Improvement

Players have been quite vocal about ways to make the train better. “If the crate on the train actually dropped wanted weapons it would be a much better place of contention,” points out notdonatella. Elsewhere, EERgasm quipped “It’s bad. Loot sucks. No reason to drop on it.

Lingering Hopes and Expectations

Despite the disappointment, some players remain hopeful for future upgrades. Monte_20 shared, “I wish it had like 4 extra cars and an actual boss, and minions. Maybe they’ll do that when Snake drops?

Ultimately, Fortnite’s train seems to be running on the wrong track for now, but players are hopeful that these speedbumps can be ironed out, keeping the locomotive chugging forward, bringing excitement and high-quality loot onboard!