The Under-Rated Genius of IGL Karrigan in the Counter-Strike Scene

Discover the reddit consensus on Karrigan, an underrated IGL in the famed Counter-Strike community.

Counter-Strike has witnessed the prowess of numerous in-game leaders (IGL), but the persistent underestimation of karrigan is a trend that sudreddit users can’t overlook.


  • Karrigan’s unique submissions in different Counter-Strike iterations are often overlooked, especially his illustrious history with Fnatic and Faze.
  • The karrigan vs. glaive debate is considered asinine by the majority, as Karrigan’s impact on teams is evident, from Ast. to Faze, this IGL has turned tides.
  • In contrast to Glaive who had the upper hand with strong team members, karrigan managed to stand out despite fewer resources.

Karrigan’s Legacy

As per “chikhan“, karrigan has previously led multiple teams to victory in all 3 iterations of the renowned Counter-Strike game. His quirky celebrations with Fnatic and his leadership with Faze have both been noteworthy.

Underdog Triumphs

User tarangk shares a detailed view of karrigan’s tenure with various teams. From transforming Ast. to helping Faze reach playoffs, karrigan has seen it all and more. He even took a tier3 nV team close to major victory in the NA.

Karrigan vs Glaive

Glaive, who had an abundance of top-tier players and a supportive coach, is often compared to karrigan. Yet, as per tarangk, once the backing was gone, the impact glaive had was significantly less than that of karrigan, who managed situations with lesser resources.

Unfair Judgements?

Allegedly, karrigan has not been given fair credit for his contributions, according to wtbTruth. He has been at the heart of every goat IGL conversation, then why the constant understatement?

In essence, karrigan’s journey has been full of ups, downs and turning points. A key player in Counter-Strike, his overlooked influence breeds a sense of mystery and curiosity, making this Under-Rated Driver’s life all the more compelling. Let’s remember, every player has their day, and for karrigan, every day seems promising.