The Touch of Midas: A User Glitch Turns Everything to Rubble in Fortnite!

The phenomenon of an unexpected glitch in Fortnite turning players into a wrecking ball, and the hilarious reactions to it!

In the unpredictable world of Fortnite, one player found themselves channeling their inner Midas but not in the conventional sense. User ‘UsernameTakenIsGay’ recently experienced a game glitch that turned him into a wrecking ball, breaking every in-game object just by touching it.


  • This unexpected glitch led to a lighthearted, humorous discussion about Fortnite bugs
  • Many users drew comparisons to famous characters like Juggernaut and Kool Aid Man
  • The glitch resurrects old memories from Chapter 1
  • Discussions circled around the potential risks of Epic’s ban system.

The Humorous Side of Glitches

User ‘jayL21’ nostalgically recalls this bug saying “I remember this bug awhile ago, was a lot of fun. Pretty sure it’s caused by ziplines.” Clearly, this glitch seems like an enjoyable retro throwback for some Fortnite veterans.

Allusions to Pop Culture

FortNiteBR users demonstrated their wit drawing some imaginative comparisons. ‘Zerathulu’ humorously called out “I’M THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH!“, while a quip from ‘IDrinkWetWater’ — ‘Proper Kool Aid Man’ — precisely nails down the user’s predicament.

Resurrecting the Ghosts of Bugs Past

The glitch seems to be no newbie on the block. According to ‘akaEvertone’, the anomaly is “an ancient bug from all the way back in Chapter 1…“. Time-travel in Fortnite? Now, that’s an exciting twist!

Beware the Ban Hammer!

This glitch, while hilariously entertaining, isn’t without potential repercussions. ‘r1poster’ brings in a bit of reality to the situation, warning that Epic might ban players for “exploiting glitches to win” irrespective of their intention.

After the rollercoaster ride of this phenomenon, the Fortnite community has embraced it with a good laugh, albeit reserving a wary eye for the giant Ban Hammer swinging above their heads!