The Timeless Dilemma: Which Call of Duty – MW2 or MW3 Should I Buy?

DeusVultSaracen grapples with the decision of purchasing MW2 or MW3 in a Reddit post, igniting an engaging conversation among the COD community.

A user, DeusVultSaracen, recently took to the internet asking the Call of Duty (COD) community which modern COD game they should purchase: MW2 or MW3? The user expressed interest in both games, particularly for their multiplayer experiences, but couldn’t quite decide which one to go with.


  • DeusVultSaracen communicates a clear preference for engaging storylines, with a willingness to embrace multiplayer offerings.
  • The user’s dilemma mainly arises from balancing the appeal of MW2’s renowned campaign and MW3’s popular multiplayer scene.
  • The community’s response posits the necessity to acknowledge the importance of both the Campaign and Multiplayer experience.

Community Take

Responses to DeusVultSaracen’s query differed, but one stood out. 587_StonerT, a member of the community, advised the user to purchase MW3 while it’s at peak popularity, suggesting DeusVultSaracen could always pick up MW2 when it goes on sale again.

AutoModerator: Doing its job

An auto-response from AutoModerator, pointing out that content about different iterations of COD titles should be posted on devoted subreddits. However, our friend DeusVultSaracen was not deterred by this ‘bot mishap’.

Our Two Cents

While the decision remains subjective and dependent on individual gaming preferences, weighing the community’s advice and carefully considering the pros and cons could help DeusVultSaracen, and anyone else in a similar predicament, make an informed choice. As 587_StonerT suggested, perhaps seizing the ‘hot’ MW3 while on sale might be a shrewd move to stay in the trend, keeping MW2 as a value purchase for later.

In the end, it’s clear that gaming decisions are influenced by a multitude of factors – from the allure of captivating narratives to the drive of ‘staying in the loop’ – but can be navigated with a little help from the community. Here’s to hoping DeusVultSaracen, and others like them, find their perfect Call of Duty experience!