The Seriousness of ‘Sparkle’ in Honkai: Star Rail Community

Explore the intriguing discourse among Honkai: Star Rail players regarding a significant change in characters’ names. Have a casual and entertaining read!

A recent post from “ScrewingScrewllum” piqued the interest of the Honkai: Star Rail community, revealing a comedic and pressing sentiment. The post, humorously titled “Oh… you’re serious…”, resulted in a discursive chain of comments.


  • Fans voiced opinions on a name change for a character
  • Humor and light sarcasm pervaded the dialogue
  • Many players engaged, revealing an invested fan base

Who is Sparkle?

Rumour have it that the devs are planning to revise ‘Hanabi’ to ‘Sparkle’. While ‘Facinatedhomie’ is a Hanabi supporter stating “it is hanabover bros“, ‘quasivion’ is quick to point out that “Only Aha could come up with such a name.

What’s in a Name?

‘EpicYH22’ provides a focus with ‘Hua Huo (花火)’ but ‘BuffDehya’ took the comedy up another notch suggesting that they “Ok hoyo rename jing yuan to jimmy then“. While ‘EffedUpInGrade3’ jest that its a user name or gamer tag.

The Drama Unfolds

Amidst the comedic relief, serious debates arise. ‘Jnliew’ presses upon developer’s logic, “If it’s a codename, then yeah, translate ahead!” while ‘kidanokun’ chimes in claiming the proposed naming strategy seemed inconsistent.

Regardless of the name’s eventual destiny, the underlying testament to the vitality and engagement of the Honkai: Star Rail community is undeniably evident in the humorous yet serious dialogue that ensues from simple changes like a name. Well, ‘Sparkle’ or ‘Hanabi’, let the game roll!