The Perennial Underdog: Why the Genshin Impact Community Feels for Yoimiya

Exploring the sympathetic sentiment for Yoimiya in Genshin Impact and her unfortunate banner timings.

Anyone new to Genshin Impact and diving into the enthusiastic online discussions may wonder about certain sentiments shared among players. One such curiosity is the community’s collective sympathy for Yoimiya, a character who often finds herself sidelined in the fandom’s excitement. Why does this innocuous character elicit such a response? Let’s delve into it!

A Brief History of Yoimiya’s Plights

  • Yoimiya’s banners tend to fall around more desirable ones, overshadowing her.
  • Other strong and popular characters often follow her banners, causing players to skip her.
  • The community carries a running joke around this unfortunate timing, hence the phrase ‘poor Yoimiya’.

Yoimiya’s Unfortunate Stage – Banners

First off, we must discuss the banners, a primary source of excitement and anguish among players. According to one comment from chubgod, Yoimiya’s banners continuously arrived sandwiched between widely popular or meta-defining characters, leading to somewhat of a running joke.

Another user, Remanage, explains how Yoimiya’s banner surprisingly followed Ayaka, a highly anticipated character since the game’s initial beta days. To further the blow, after Yoimiya, the powerful archon, Raiden Shogun was introduced.

A Comparison with Amber?

Curiously, there appears to be some juxtaposition with Yoimiya and another character, Amber. As 4GRJ points out, Yoimiya’s release coincided with Amber’s birthday. However the consensus seems clear – Yoimiya is a formidable contender in her own right, even if drowning-in-dopamine reassures us that despite the jokes, Yoimiya is a great character.

The Community’s Sentiment

The common sentiment in the community seems to be sympathy for Yoimiya’s situation. Prestigious_Split579 articulates this well, stating ‘Poor Yoimiya indeed, she can’t get a break.’

So, while encountering ‘Poor Yoimiya!’ may initially confuse new players, it’s clear that this sentiment is part of a broader conversation about banner releases and strategic downloads. While Yoimiya may often find her spot in the spotlight stolen by other more hyped characters, she holds a special place in the hearts of Genshin Impact’s community who root for this underdog in her struggles against the tide.