The Next Big Pull: Who Gamers Are Rooting For in Honkai: Star Rail

Fans of Honkai: Star Rail discuss their favorites for the upcoming banner. Some are saving, others are hoping for a lucky draw!

A question that every fan of Honkai: Star Rail has on their mind is who they are mainly pulling for in the next coming banner. This dilemma was recently brought up by ‘Orichalchem’, igniting a heated discussion among the game enthusiasts.


  • ‘Skipping’ was a common sentiment among a number of players.
  • Hanya and Argenti received much love and interest.
  • Others are setting their sights on Ruan Mei for a more future-focused gameplay.
  • There was anticipation for the 4 ★ characters too.

Different Strokes

On the one hand, we have players like ‘Bajuu‘ and ‘JadedIT_Tech‘ who have decided to skip the pull altogether. On the other hand, ‘Vakhoris‘ plans to do single pulls until he gets a 4 ★ star. The game really does stir up different strategies among its players!

The Hanya Vs Argenti Debate

shape-of-quanta‘ and ‘Addaran‘ seemed to be excited about pulling for Hanya. However, Argenti had his set of admirers too, with players like ‘Tartagliaenjoyer29‘ looking forward to adding him to their Hanya team. Looks like both characters have found a soft spot among gamers.

Future Focus

Then there are gamers who always think one step ahead. ‘Balerya‘ and ‘berried_delight‘ are skipping for Ruan Mei showing how future-focused some fans of the game are!

In all this melee of favorites for the next banner, there’s an unmistakable enthusiasm that stems from a deep love for the game. With such diverse opinions and strategies, this upcoming event in Honkai: Star Rail promises to be a thrilling rendezvous for gamers!