The Mystery of the Fortnite ‘Watermark’: A Gamer’s Dilemma

Unravelling the curious case of the Fortnite gameplay, leaving a mysterious ‘water mark’ on a player’s screen.

Our subject of interest today revolves around a peculiar incident experienced by a Fortnite player who left their game on idle. When they returned, they were greeted by an unusual “water mark”, an echo of the last frame rendered in the game, seemingly imprinted on the screen.


  • The user ‘lacerda_401’ noticed a watermark on their screen after leaving Fortnite idle for a few minutes.
  • The image did not illustrate any issues to other users, leading to speculation about a monitor burn-in.
  • There was a mix of humor and genuine advice in the comments made by the community.
  • This incident highlights the importance of screen health and the potential risks of extended gameplay.

Decoding the ‘Water Mark’

Looking through the lens of the game users, the issue seems to revolve around what’s termed as a ‘burn-in’, rather than a watermark. According to user ‘Bullen_carker’, “Its probably burn-in on your monitor.” If it is a burn-in, then it’s essentially a permanent defect caused by the extended display of a static image. As user ‘StormGreen2750’ puts it, “Pixels slowly lose function with certain displays.”

Solutions Offered: Practical vs Pranked

As with any gaming community, the advice was a mixture of helpful suggestions and jests. A particular user ‘No-Needleworker6414’ recommended a ‘nature cure’ to the issue, saying it’s “caused due to the lack of social contacts and familiarization with nature. In summary, go outside”. Others echoed the sentiment that a new monitor or professional repair might be in order.

Launching a Discussion on Screen Health

This occurrence might seem trivial, but it addresses a broader issue in the gaming sphere: screen health. With the rise of gaming, it’s vitally important to address the physical impacts that long gaming sessions can have on equipment as well as players. In the absence of professional advice, the community support and advice is a testament to the camaraderie that exists within the gaming world.

On a final note, remember to always be cautious of how long you leave static images on your screen. Ensure to take regular breaks and give your equipment, and you, some much-needed rest.