The Love-Hate Relationship with Fortnite’s New Season

Exploring the mixed response from the Fortnite community about the recent changes in the new season of the game.

Debate is heating up in the Fortnite community, as players express divided opinions about the game’s latest season. In a recent discussion initiated by ItsBlitz21, players offered their two cents on the alterations, reigniting the debate over simplicity versus complexity in game mechanics.


  • Many players are struggling to adapt to the new changes, citing slower mechanics and excessive features.
  • Contrarily, some players welcome the alterations, viewing it as necessary evolution for the game.
  • User comments reflect both fatigue with the repetitiveness in previous seasons and frustrations with the complexity of the new one.

Player Frustrations

As the popular saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. This view is echoed by some of the players including Public_Birthday1871. This user points out excessive AI guarding, deeming it unnecessary and distracting. Another user Nude-photographer-ID notes the drastic leap from a simpler version to the current complex version, suggesting that a more gradual increase in complexity might have been appreciated.

The Silver Lining?

Just as there are two sides to a coin, player onyi_time expressed his love for the new alterations. In his viewpoint, these changes, specifically gun and map updates, added a much-needed freshness to the game. Similarly, GoldenNeko contrasts this season positively against the last, calling for continued novelty.

Striking a Balance

Ace player AverageJoe287 cements his view within the middle ground. In his eyes, the introduction of new elements is critical for a game as popular as Fortnite. Yet, he criticizes the inept execution, suggesting they feel more like the change for the sake of change rather than substantial improvements. His criticism emphasizes the need for balance between advancement and core gameplay.

Overall, both the love and hate for the new season stem from one source: players’ passion for Fortnite and their desire to see it remain both fun and engaging, even as it evolves. Whether Epic Games will heed these concerns and suggestions remains to be seen in future seasons.