The Ideal Fortnite Hero for Everyday Use – Gamers Weigh In

Gamers discuss their go-to heroes in Fortnite, providing insights for beginners and seasoned players alike.

In the vast universe of Fortnite, choosing a hero to main can be as complex as orchestrating a surprise dance-off in a storm of bullets. OLEDz_YT kicked off a lively discussion recently with the question: ‘What is the best Hero for *EVERYDAY USE*?’


  • Frequent hero recommendations include Stoneheart Farrah, Thunder Thora, and B.A.S.E Kyle.
  • A spectrum of strategies is observed – from prioritizing damage, speed, and skill to choosing heroes based on situation or personal playstyle.
  • Weapons and support systems factor heavily into hero choice and effectiveness.

Pick a Style, Pick a Hero

Every Fortnite player has a unique approach to the game, and their chosen hero is a reflection of that. As the_doorstopper pointed out, ‘I main Stoneheart Farrah because I use the xenon bow.’ Stoneheart Farrah was recommended by another player as well on grounds of effective support and the usefulness of the Xenon bow.

Meanwhile, BIG_MAC_WHOPPERS has a strategy advantage with Thunder Thora, who provides energy damage on applied base builds and boosts trap damage.

A Hero for Every Situation

Some players adapt their hero choices to the mission. Redlution‘s two-pronged approach involves using B.A.S.E Kyle for Play With Others (PWO) missions and Subzero Zenith when teamed up with friends.

JoeJoeFett offers an alternate view, indicating the importance of a constructor class in making missions less ‘horrible’, recommending Ice King when needed.

Weapons Matter Too

It’s not all about the hero; the weapons matter too! Bright-Answer-5403 uses Flash A.c for its speed and damage, and ‘the Dirge song for damage, with Chaos agent, and First shot rio.’. Snuggle Spec Sarah got a shout from Lorneonthecobb, and shock renegade Ramirez got props from Ok_Cattle_9385 because the Pulsar is their favourite weapon.

Bringing this treasure trove of gaming wisdom together, it seems clear that Fortnite’s best everyday hero bet might just depend entirely on whom you’re asking!