The Great Call of Duty Debate: Gaming Convenience or Suffering?

Join us as we explore the players’ drama revolving around Call of Duty’s update size in this humorous take on a serious gaming issue.

Our beloved game, Call of Duty, finds itself at the epicenter of an intriguing debate. At the heart of the issue is the size of regular updates, causing distress among dedicated players.


  • Players lament over the frequent and massive updates which disrupt their casual gaming experience.
  • Transitioning to other games due to frustration is becoming a common phenomenon.
  • Faster internet, while advantageous, doesn’t necessarily alleviate the distress caused by the updates.

Player Perception

Looking at comments from the CoD gaming crowd published in this thread, mister sardine1 suggests a solution for the large update inconviniences by shifting to Infinite Warfare, which according to him, does not have 40gb updates.

Update Irritations

The nuisance of routine updates is aptly expressed by thewookie34, who shares his painful experience of needing to preload shaders with each new patch in the game. His frustration is contrasted to the ease of updating other games, showing how these trivial problems can get jarring for the players.

The Escape

The culmination of the update annoyance can often result in players like YeojTheKrabb reverting to alternatives like Halo, after the ordeal of downloading 60 gig, the multiplayer pack, and another essential add-on pack. Yeoj’s decision to switch isn’t singular but indicative of a larger move among the gaming community.

Internet’s Role?

While ManOfQuest mentions the added fun of a ‘console update’, SpacePotato666’s 5-minute downloads showcase how even with high-speed connections, the problem of large updates remains a concern.

In a light-hearted farewell, we can only hope that these COD players find solace in their updates, or that game developers consider the impact of sizable updates on their player base. Either way, the discourse around the Call of Duty updates is far from over!