The Genshin Impact Dilemma: To Pull or Not to Pull?

HD Fan breaks down the users debate on pulling in Genshin Impact, it’s a struggle between heart and mind!

The popular video game, Genshin Impact, has spurred a lively discussion, particularly around the issue of attaining a 5-star main dps. User The_Mysterious999 sparked the debate by expressing the dilemma: wait for their preferred unit (Raiden) or settle for Ayato due to impatience.


  • Despite the urgency and ‘gacha’ struggle, most responses lean towards patience.
  • The importance and need of a 5-star main dps are brought into question.
  • Alternative strategies, focusing on 4-star characters, are suggested.
  • An anticipation for future updates and rerun banners is evident.

The Essence of Patience

On the theme of patience, kunafa_aj cheered on: ‘you waited for this long for raiden, might as well wait a bit more’. Echoed by mac-and-cheese-plz, they comforted, ‘Stay strong friend. Raiden will be soon. The wait will be over.’

A DPS-Skeptic Approach

Meanwhile, tokyotoonster reframed the notion of DPS in Genshin, dismissing ‘Main DPS’ as an overrated term due to the game’s emphasis on group synergy. HoshiAndy suggested a character lineup that doesn’t necessarily need a main DPS.

Leveraging 4-Stars

Both kunafa_aj and HoshiAndy stressed on capitalizing the available 4-star characters. Crystalshadow98 reminded the OP that the abyss has been cleared with only 4-star characters, it just requires leveling up the characters and their talents, and properly farming artifacts.

Future Hype

Another major theme that surfaced was the prospects of upcoming banners and updates. Hudie_is advises users to wait till the next Livestream for more informed decisions on pulling banners. Users are holding their breath in anticipation for likely character rerun.

All in all, the Genshin Impact community is split on the race to 5-star DPS glory. Many strategies, opinions, rare treats of wisdom, and lots of comfort food (aka patience) for the ‘gacha’ soul were on full display. The cohesive message was clear: play at your own pace and remember to enjoy the journey!