The Fortnite UI Update: A Gamer’s Revolt or Mere Growing Pains?

Find out why the Fortnite Reddit community seems to be at odds with the fresh UI updates in the game.

The popular battle royale game Fortnite has recently made some updates to its User Interface (UI), cause quite some ruckus within its vibrant community of players. The unrest, which began with a contentious Reddit post from Th3Bunny, spawned a series of varying opinions about the changes.


  • Overall sentiment leans towards dissatisfaction with the new UI changes.
  • Many players express difficulty adapting to the updated interface management tools.
  • Despite frustration, there is uncertainty over how effective a boycott would be.
  • Several players express nostalgia for the game’s previous UI.
    • Initial Reactions

      Among the first to chime in was user mtamez1221, who lamented, “The locker 😭 it was perfect as is…” expressing a common sentiment among players regarding the initial tinkering of the game’s locker feature. User 4Khypez echoed this sentiment, finding it annoying to locate a pre-set due to the extended time it takes.

      Humor Amidst The Frustration

      While the frustration was pervasive, some users managed to inject a dash of humor into the situation. wonderh123 quipped, “When I’m in making a pointless changes that no one asked for competition and my opponent is epic games,” a tongue-in-cheek response pointing the finger at game developers at Epic Games.

      The Boycott?

      As ideas about a possible boycott circulated, some participants were left scratching their heads. Users Nightmoon22 and BucketHeadJr both pondered about the feasibility of executing a boycott on an integral part of the game like the UI. They essentially ask the question, how do you boycott a game you love playing on a daily basis?

      Where Do We Go From Here?

      Ultimately, the changes have stirred the pot and unleashed a myriad of feelings. User TheMikey2207 shared a wish that developers Epic Games would listen more to the community before insisting on what he views as negative changes. Despite the contentious reactions, it’s undeniable that the Fortnite community is passionately involved and invested in the evolution of the game.

      Whether or not the fans’ collective disgruntlement leads to significant pressure on Epic Games to reverse or amend the changes remains to be seen. However, if history is any teacher, the gaming community’s relentless passion and steadfast commitment to their favourite games and franchises have demonstrated time and again their influence over direction and decision-making within game development.