The Fortnite Debate: Is Memorializing Juice WRLD with In-Game Skin the Right Tribute?

Fan-requested Juice WRLD skin in Fortnite divided avid gamers and fans. Things are getting juicy in Fortnite fandom!

In the vibrant, ever-evolving world of Fortnite, the suggestion of a tribute skin for late rapper Juice WRLD has sparked intriguing debates. The origin of this discussion: a post by Accomplished-Path957 on the Fortnite subreddit.


  • The poster, Accomplished-Path957, hits a nerve by suggesting that memorializing Juice WRLD with a Fortnite skin might disrespect the late artist’s family and rest in peace status.
  • User opinions clash, highlighting the contrast in perspectives on fan tributes and the commercial aspects of posthumous publicity.
  • A general theme emerges questioning whether entertainment entities, in this case, Epic Games, should profit from deceased celebrities’ popularity.

Differentiating between Characters and Real People

Defending the stance of Accomplished-Path957, one user DerekMilewski draws a line between a real-world person and a character like Princess Leia, arguing there’s a clear distinction in play.

However, a counter-argument by user 10hoursoftrainnoises contests this view, citing Princess Leia’s inclusion in the game despite actress Carrie Fisher’s demise.

Profit and Posthumous Publicity

The profit angle emerges strongly as user TheMightySloth alleged Juice WRLD’s family’s alleged disregard for the late artist’s legacy. The consensus seems to suggest a careful separation between respect for the deceased and capitalistic tendencies.

It also raises questions around breaches of trust, as user meetatwss highlights the controversy surrounding posthumously released music.

Keeping the Memory Alive

In a twist, user Any-Earth-5483 proposes that posthumous inclusion aids in keeping their memory alive, challenging the taboos around discussing deceased individuals.

Inevitably, this sparks a reflection. Is silence the best way to honor the departed, or could remembrance, even in a fantastical video game setting, perhaps provide an endearing tribute?

So, yes, just another day in the Fortnite world, where even character skin pivots around deep ponderings. And all the while, Juice WRLD’s music continues to flood the earbuds of fans worldwide, memorializing him in the best possible way – through his art.