The Fortnite Debate: Is Buying ‘Save The World’ Worth It?

Exploring Fortnite’s ‘Save The World’ mode; its worth in the eyes of the gaming community.

A recent discussion among Fortnite enthusiasts has caught the attention of many in the gaming sphere. This centers around the game’s paid option – ‘Save the World’. Speculation is rife with sasukeamongus, a gamer seeking to re-purchase the mode after a hiatus, and others providing insights based on their own experiences.


  • A feeling of nostalgia and the prospect of grinding out vbucks lures old players back into the game.
  • A significant change has occurred; now only ‘founders’ are eligible for daily login bonuses.
  • The doubt prevailing among the users about the revised vbuck payout system.
  • The community’s advice and suggestions form the next course of action for our returning gamer.

Community Response

First to advice is mrhotshotbot, emphasizing the importance of recovering the old PS4 account to attain ‘founder’ status. milkwater-jr, on the other hand, warns that “vbucks won’t be any more than the 1k included through missions”.

Valued Advice

For those considering rejoining the game, xzayviah_ encourages to purchase ‘Save The World’ without delay, citing that it won’t get cheaper than it is now. Posing a different solution to the vbucks concern, jahvencapo offers his services for cheap vbucks from Argentina.

Is ‘Save The World’ Worth it?

Adding to the debate, banjoface123 believes the price equivalence to fun factor makes it a purchase worth considering. However, they also issue a word of caution about the repetitive nature of the game at higher levels and the difficulty to find teammates.

In the realm of esports, decisions can make or break a player’s gaming experience. In a twist of events, our Fortnite enthusiast had a lapse, sought advice, and received an array of responses. From warnings and advice to some ingenious solutions, it’s now up to sasukeamongus to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision. In the Fortnite community, it’s clear – every player’s move is a saga in its own right.