The Fortnite Collaboration Dilemma: To Carry or Not to Carry

Insights from the Fortnite community about a curious request that sparks an ingenious solution and an unexpected discussion.

In the vibrant world of Fortnite, high-profile player DeanBell12 faces an intriguing problem: a maxed-out Power Level (PL) prevents him from accessing beneficial missions. The player makes an audacious request, amenable to bartering with in-game weaponry and items in exchange for reverse carry assistance in ventures.


  • High-level players struggle with accessing low-level quests.
  • Players propose unique tricks as solutions.
  • The system’s restriction prompts contemplation and dialogue.

The Struggle of a High-Level Player

To put it mildly, it’s a little like being the tallest kid on the rollercoaster ride, only a rollercoaster ride that has anti-tall rules. Wonderwallpersona illuminates the finer point: ‘Just have an alt account join your party and select “no-fill”. You’ll have access to all the missions below your PL in ventures.’

Brilliant Suggestions

Genius gamers always find shortcuts. The solution to DeanBell12’s struggle? Making use of an alternative gamer account to enable access to coveted lower-level quests – a key point thrown into the mix by mrhotshotbot, who asks the vital ‘what’s your epic?’ to lend a possible helping hand.

A System to Contemplate

Is Fortnite’s current setup advantageous or restrictive? Genostama posits a valuable question: ‘What? You can’t join the lower level with max level?? Why?’ Here’s an idea for a rainy afternoon. Or, perhaps, the driver behind discussions that could invoke a change in the game’s mechanism.

It’s clear that Fortnite’s community remains a rich resource, brimming with ingenuity and camaraderie. This community exchange unravels the thread now known as ‘The Fortnite Collaboration Dilemma.’ Players demonstrate that even though rules are rules, the game is after all about team play and strategic maneuvering. So why limit resourceful gamers who fancy a trip down the lower-level lane?