The Fortnite Animation Rumble: Breaking Down Community Opinions

A deep dive into Fortnite’s contentious animation speed change and community reaction.

In the Fortnite universe, a recent animation speed change has sparked vigorous discussions among players alike. Do gamers find the new pace refreshing, bogging, or somewhere in between?

The Great Debate

  • A significant share of players feels the movement speed to be agonizingly slow (Crafter-lee).
  • Some members of the community suggest that the posts criticizing the animation change have ballooned to way too excessive levels (Super-Stanky772).
  • A few folks appreciated the shift, voicing that the older movement was bland (picnic_nicpic).
  • Others claim that the changes were barely perceptible, and their gameplay remained unaltered (Fat_Penguin99).

Player Sentiment

Players like EcnavMC2 find the pace somewhat hastened but still encumbering. Changing gears, Fiberz_ feels strongly that the new movement is a downgrade from the old animation that, according to them, was good enough.

The Dissenters

Some players are in stark contrast with the popular sentiment. User ‘picnic_nicpic’ has expressed affinity for the new animation, saying that we can still sprint if we want to run faster. And then there is ‘joeMAMAkim’ who absolutely loves the slowed pace and questions why people can’t have a different opinion on the matter.

The Unfazed

Then there are those who find all of this tumult quite amusing. ZentaWinds and GaryGenslersCock are examples of users who believe that the community is overreacting to the changes. According to GaryGenslersCock, the community is ‘soft.’, and ZentaWinds comments, ‘You all whine a lot.’

From the dust of many animated comments (pun intended), it’s clear that where there is change, there will be a raft of opinions on it. The real question is, will Epic Games tip-toe back on their decision, or will players have to adapt to this new rhythm? Only time and countless Reddit threads will tell.