The End of an Era: Selfies Reflect on Fortnite’s Cherished Legacy

Players reminisce about the golden days of Fortnite as one player shares nostalgic selfies from the game’s concluding season.

In an emotional farewell to a beloved season of Fortnite, player FlyingWompy shares a series of in-game selfies, sparking candid discussions among the gaming community.


  • The general sentiment of comments shows a strong sense of nostalgia and a longing for the past version of the game.
  • Several users express discontent with recent updates, longing for the past iteration (‘OG’) of the game.
  • Some users expressed amusement and approval of the selfie content, highlighting the sense of community within the game.

Graphic Quality and Nostalgia

In-game graphics were a noticeable talking point among the comment section. One user, FINDTHESUN, mentioned that ‘The new improved graphics look epic too’. Amidst the wave of longing for the past, it seems some users do appreciate the game’s progression and evolving aesthetic.

Gameplay and Satisfaction

Several users articulated their dissatisfaction with the game’s new updates, expressing that they miss the version referred to as ‘OG’. JockoGood stated, ‘I miss OG already. I am not having fun on this new one.’ This sentiment appears to echo amongst other players who expressed their fondness for the previous state of the game’s dynamics.

Emotional Connection and Community

The post clearly evoked an emotional response from the community, showing that the game’s impact goes beyond gameplay. This demonstrated not only through warm comments like Jazzlike-Lunch5390’s “Good job on the selfies though” but also in the open longing and expression for the ‘better days’ of Fortnite. The thread hosts a tangible sense of a tight-knit community of passionate players.

The love for Fortnite is clearly palpable in FlyingWompy’s post and the subsequent discussions. It reiterates how games extend beyond screens, creating deep emotional connections and communities. The poignant nostalgia and longing captured in these comments reflect how Fortnite has become more than a game for many – a cherished part of their lives.