The Dialogue Dilemma in ‘Honkai: Star Rail’: Players’ Perspectives

Explore the reasons why players in ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ choose to skip dialogue sections.

A prevailing debate amongst ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ gamers is the relevance of dialogue; mirko0os raised a question about why many players tend to skip dialogues in mihoyo games. This perceived lack of interest in storyline details sparked a range of answers from different perspectives.


  • Some players prioritize gameplay over narrative, skimming through dialogues.
  • Others skip dialogues but seem frustrated when they miss certain plot developments.
  • Yet some players intentionally avoid any dialogue unless it resonates.

A Gameplay-first Approach

For some players, the gameplay takes precedence over the story. As user MiStaikz states, there is a significant group of people who “likes the game for it’s gameplay and less for the story source.” They believe that playing the game effectively and efficiently is more important than understanding the narrative.

The Dialogue Skipper’s Regrets

Moving on, there are those who skip dialogues but regret doing so later; user ce-meyers offers a perspective where players miss out on crucial information by not reading dialogues. In their

The Selective Readers

Finally, we have the selective readers who only pay attention to dialogue when it intrigues them. DarthUrbosa, for instance, skips dialogue unless they find the voice acting tantalizing or the dialogue engaging source.

So, what’s your style? Do you devour every word, skim through for the jist of the story, or leave the yammering to the wind, focusing instead on battling enemies and improving your gameplay? With the diverse range of players in ‘Honkai: Star Rail’, each method is valid and enhances the gameplay experience in its way.