The Curious Case of Mass Shadowbans in Warzone

A light hearted and insightful look into the recent wave of unexplained shadowbans affecting Warzone players.

Gamers addicted to Warzone have recently found themselves stuck in a peculiar situation – they’ve been falling victims to shadowbans en masse and they have absolutely no clue why!


  • Players are stumbling on unwarranted shadowbans and are left puzzled as to what might be causing this.
  • Some connect this situation to an event that occurred a few days ago, where Counter Strike 2 witnessed mass false VAC bans.
  • Despite the chaos, players maintain their humorous spirit, joking about their average skills being the reason behind the bans.

User Sentiments

There’s a lot of frustration and genuine bewilderment around this issue. To quote user TheseDoubt9268, who humorously admits feeling average: ‘Got shadowed for no reason. Don’t think I’ve had a game over 11 kills, no idea how I get banned for being average.’

A Deeper Insight

Another user SweatyTuxedo shared a similar sentiment, stating ‘Now the game’s unplayable. I checked on the ban appeal page and my shadowban is for MW2, 3 and Warzone. So I’ve essentially paid £60 for a game I can’t play.’

The Unparalleled Community

It’s interesting to see their collective response, as several players have pledged not to support this game series any further, further highlighting the immense impact this move has had on the community. Patient-Ad6049, who also initiated the discussion, shares, ‘Absolutely WON’T do another camo grind for this game series… and may not buy the next one just because of this.’

Despite the frustration, the situation has brought gamers on the platform together, as they navigate through the confounding ban wave. They seem to have weathered this unexpected storm by relying heavily on the camaraderie forged in the digital battlefield. Ban or not, they’ll continue firing away, one match at a time!