The Buzz on Fortnite’s High-Priced Cars: Players Weigh In

Fortnite’s new in-game vehicles are stirring up debate among players. Is the price right or too high?

Players are putting their foot down about Fortnite’s high-priced in-game vehicles. Or are they? Think luxury cars in real life, that’s what these are in the game, and you can only really drive them on tracks.


  • The overall sentiment of the discussion leans heavily towards the idea of the cars being overpriced.
  • Despite this, there’s a shared understanding that these are merely cosmetic additions to the game and do not affect player’s overall performance.
  • Interestingly, some players view the pricing fairly for what the car package offers: the car, color reskin, and decals.

Look Beyond the Surface

Let’s not just jump into conclusions, shall we? Suicunicidal points out here, ‘They’re in BR too,’ which highlights some extended functionality and potentially justifies the price for some players.

The Price is Right? Or Wrong?

TheLittleSpider refers to them as ‘hella expensive,’ but in the same breath acknowledges it’s ‘just a car skin’, which mirrors the sentiment of many on the discussion thread.

A Matter of Perspective

Proud_Echo_4932 lays out a strong argument, stating that as the car comes with a color reskin and decals, it isn’t necessarily overpriced, you can find his argument . An important stance to consider, as the game is, after all, free-to-play and these are mere cosmetic additions.

All in all, whether the Fortnite’s in-game cars are deemed overpriced or not, ultimately boils down to individual player’s perspective. They add no advantage in the actual game play and are, essentially, a matter of taste and perhaps, a show of virtual affluence. If players feel it’s worth the price tag, they might just take it for a spin.