The Bizarre Truth behind Cheating in Call of Duty

Understanding why players cheat in a decade-old game: Call of Duty.

In the world of famous video game, Call of Duty, it seems there is a growing tendency of players partaking in some shady practices even on a 10-year old game.


  • There is an odd satisfaction players derive from cheating
  • Using cheats may provide a temporary high or way to escape reality
  • Many believe that people who resort to such tactics are inadequately skilled in the game.
  • There is clear displeasure in the gaming community regarding cheaters.

Reasons Behind Cheating

As the post’s author Devious_Bastard articulated, cheating remains rampant. The comments section exploded with colorful opinions to why this reality is so. As user wr0k succinctly puts it, ‘Because it makes them feel good for a few seconds until they go back to being sad?’. Another similar insight came from JohnGazman who believes that these individuals are ‘secretly trash at the game but their fragile egos can’t handle it.’

The Community’s Stance

The Call of Duty community does not look kindly upon cheaters, as is clear from the varied yet negative responses. Player BigLebowski0324 stated, ‘I would still be playing BO2, if only they would get rid of the cheating/modding POS on it.’, echoing the thoughts of many others who wish to enjoy the game cheat-free.

Players’ Insight on Cheaters

Users seem to think the act of cheating is a reflection of the cheaters’ lives. Comments from users like 3cylinder66 and OrcoDio19 insinuate significant dissatisfaction in cheaters’ personal lives leading them to cheat in the game.

Despite the frustration felt by legitimate players, there remains an undeniable amusement in discussing and trying to understand the motives of in-game cheaters. So next time you come across a cheating player in Call of Duty, rather than expressing fury, maybe chuckle at the thought of a lonely player sitting in their basement, trying to fill a void with a fleeting moment of skewed triumph.