The Best Opening Scenes in Call of Duty: Unmasking the Player Favorites

We take a deep dive into the most memorable and enthralling initial missions from the ever-popular Call of Duty franchise.

For many gamers, the initial mission in a Call of Duty game is more than an introductory task. It sets the tone, dictates the pace, and can set in motion a player’s love for the entire franchise. Let’s delve into some COD favorites, as voiced by the game’s dedicated fans.


  • User RZR_36 mentions the MW3 ‘Black Tuesday’ mission, indicating a preference for the various Modern Warfare series releases.
  • MilkmanForever singles out ‘Ghillie in the Mist’ from COD 4, hinting at how certain unique missions within the games stand out.
  • COD 3 gets recognition for its superb introduction by user ricknashty94.

Memorable Missions Throughout the Franchise

From every corner of the Call of Duty universe, fans seem to love different moments with fervor. User Dense_Capital_2013 mentions ‘Big Red One’s first mission’, explaining how it throws players into European theater’s slog, teaching the basics in an immersive way. Player Akimbo_shoutgun bats for the underdog stating, “I know this may not get picked, but AW is my answer”.

Love for Modern Warfare Series

A clear sentiment among fans is their preference for the Modern Warfare series. KennysWhiteSoxHat talks about how the Black Tuesday mission in MW3 was a game-changer, sharing, “MW2 was cool, but MW3 made me enjoy it a lot”. itsRobbie_ joins in saying, “I used to replay the OG MW3 starting mission over and over back in the day”.

Nods to the Classics

Classic iterations of COD aren’t forgotten either. bibliomaniac15 gives a nod to the United Offensive’s ‘Bois Jacques’ mission, mentioning its innovation and direct plunge into the battle of Bulge. The pace of older COD games still resonates with many, with user xXRoachXx789 mentioning how Infinite Warfare managed to offer lots of replayability in its well-crafted first mission.

Mulling over all the shared thoughts and the wide range of awesome missions mentioned, it’s clear that Call of Duty has a knack for nailing first impressions. From the heavy hitting modern warfare titles to the classics, the first mission is obviously a key factor in players’ admiration for the franchise. I mean, what’s not to love when you’re thrust into a high-octane mission from the get-go? That’s all, folks. Go fire up your consoles and re-live these memorable missions!