The Baffling Case of Fortnite’s Xenon Bow and Potshot: An In-Depth Investigation

Unravel the mystery of Fortnite’s Xenon Bow and Potshot, and the sudden flux in the gaming community!

The Reddit user, LegalEntertainment54, recently stumbled upon a peculiar situation in Fortnite. He noticed that obtaining the popular weapons, Xenon bow, and potshot now involves flux, while just a couple of days ago, it required a research voucher. A real head-scratcher, right?


  • LegalEntertainment54 was planning to use his research voucher to acquire the potshot but was taken aback by the sudden requirement of 100 legendary flux.
  • The change poses a conundrum, making the user reconsider the worth of obtaining the aforementioned weapons via research vouchers.
  • This thought process led to a broader discussion on valuable weapons worth investing your resources in.

Victim of the Flux?

The abrupt switch from research vouchers to flux creates a new set of challenges for players. Not only do they have to reconsider their resource management strategy, but it also implies a probable restructuring of their combat tactics.

Impact on Weapon Choices

Such game changes aren’t merely technical. They dictate players’ choices, nudging them towards exploring other options. As LegalEntertainment54 mused, “Well then with a weapon research voucher, the only weapons I think are worth getting is the dire song typewriter or ol besty or bundlebluss.”

Buffering Game Strategies

When confronted with shifts in game economies, players instinctively scan their repertoire and gravitate towards options yielding maximum ROI. This triggers a reassessment of their game strategies, be it a gear swap or adjusting to new dynamics.

It’s less if ‘Fortnite’ had a plot twist and more of an uncalled house rule. However, it’s noteworthy that the Fortnite community is nothing if not adaptive, already discussing strategies and weapons alternatives. It’s the flux that keeps the Fortnite world spinning, one might say!