Team Advice for Newbies: A User Perspective on Genshin Impact

Exploring Genshin Impact’s subreddit for new player’s insights and team recommendations.

Just starting out in the immersive world of Genshin Impact can be an overwhelming experience as noted by user ‘foxyshere’. Comically stating that even criminals don’t deserve his misfortune, foxyshere seeks advice on how to build an effective team.


  • ‘ArcherAlexis0’s’ encouragement to pick up shiny items – what seems useless now may be crucial for character ascents down the road.
  • ‘WomenofWonder’ and ‘pzlama333’ pour on the love for Kuki, a character who might need all the EM gears you can afford.
  • ‘FeiXue0’ dishes out a comprehensive and practical list of tips – some solicited, others delightfully not.

Team Picks and Strategies

‘pzlama333’ and ‘WomenofWonder’ came up with a dynamite team suggestion – Kuki, Barbara, Collei and the main character (Dendro). Laced with emphatic suggestions about gearing up Kuki, this contribution caught the community’s attention.

Acknowledging Progress

‘zethstars’ is all for appreciation, singling out ‘foxyshere’s’ rapid progress within the game. He humorously confessed that for the kind of strides ‘foxyshere’ was making, he thought he was the addicted one! This comment added a light-hearted spirit to the conversation, injecting some much-needed humour.

Getting the Basics Right

‘FeiXue0’ rose to the occasion with a great rundown for newer players, from pain-saving tips to some wishful advice, once again highlighting the community’s sense of unity. The comment underscored the beauty of embarking on the Genshin Impact journey.

Ultimately, it is not only about how you play the game, but also about the community you share your journey with. The fact that Genshin Impact has a vibrant and helpful community is a clear testament to the game’s appeal and impact.