Taking Fortnite to New Heights: Grappling a Plane with a Glove

Fortnite users experiment with gaming tactics by trying to Grapple Glove a Plane. What’s the sentiment behind this trend?

Fortnite, the blockbuster online video game, is on everyone’s lips – especially with the advent of the daredevil experiment, ‘Grappling Glove a Plane’. But what exactly is this about and what’s the feel at the ground level? Buckle up as we navigate through the spectra of views and insights.


  • The experiment involves using the Grapple Glove item in an unconventional way – to hook onto a plane.
  • Fans are taking it either as a fun challenge or a crazy but futile exercise.
  • It has generated much chatter among the Fortnite community, with many planning to try it out.
  • There are some questions about the mechanics – like is the glove solely for the build mode?

The Challenge

The Grapple Glove – a neat tool in Fortnite – is now being used as a fun means to hook onto a plane. The idea may sound ridiculous, but it’s stirring up quite a fun debate among the players. User AvengedMikey amusingly compares it to the action-packed video game, Just Cause. Another user, cereal_killah_1980, adds in that they’re keen on trying this out, suggesting the post is inspiring others.

Fun or Futility?

While some users are queuing up to try the grapple-plane stunt, others are skeptical about whether it’s even possible. User Yved raises a question about the grapple breaking at high altitudes, showing concern over the practicality of the attempt. However, fun seems to trump feasibility here, as Radioactive_IceCubes playfully suggests that this is how Fortnite was always meant to be played!

Unanswered Queries

Amidst all the buzz, there’s widespread curiosity about the operational aspects of the move. For instance, Tsiatk0 asks if the glove is only in the build mode, indicating that there’s still some confusion over gameplay mechanics. Meanwhile, user Bubba-jones complains about not finding a plane, underscoring the accessibility issues that could undermine this trend.

Is the Grapple Glove plane stunt an ultimate test of skill or a wild goose chase? The jury is still out. But one thing is for certain: it’s provoked quite a stir in the Fortnite gaming community. Be it mirth, motivation or mystery, this stunt has every flavor necessary to keep the Fortnite community buzzing. One way or another, the Fortnite world is busily grappling with this latest daredevilry!