Strategic or Frustrating? An Insight into Counter-Strike2’s Smoked Molly Mechanism

Discover the Counter-Strike2 players’ views and tips related to extinguishing molly with smoke grenades – is there a consistent method, or just chance?

Today’s dose of gaming goodness comes in the form of a lively discussion around Counter-Strike2 and its smoke molly mechanic. Sticky scenario, or strategic game-play – opinions are well and truly divided.


  • The inconsistency of putting out molly with smoke in Counter-Strike2 is causing some frustration amongst players.
  • Players share humorous doppelgänger anecdotes to lighten the mood.
  • Contribution of varied strategies and perspectives on dealing with this game-play element provides enriching engagement.

The Heat of the Discussion

The question of a consistent method to extinguish molly with smoke is the crux of the conversation. Many found it hit-and-miss (not unlike my love life), with a tendency for the smoke to unfortunately bounce off hot ground. Intense stuff, heistzpicks noted nades including smoke apparently deploy slower in CS2.

Hooked on Humour

Amid the incendiary theme, there was no shortage of jokes. Fidel__Casserole joked about an alternate meaning of ‘smoking the molly’ with a cheeky reference to recreational activities *(don’t try this at home, kids!)*. Greenpeppermelonpuck and LetsNotGetPermaBan served up similar jests, proving gamers’ love for wordplay.

Strategy Central

Despite potential gameplay frustrations, the unwavering strategic minds of Counter-Strike2 players shone. Maalkav’ advice was refreshingly clear: ‘Right click it’, while FrankiePoops recommended a good old nearby wall bounce.

To slow burning conclusion: Counter-Strike2’s smoke molly mechanic is thrilling some and fraying some nerves, underpinning the dynamic and impassioned community this game fosters. Gamers will undoubtedly continue to share, debate, and laugh along the way to finding the most consistent method (or, failing that, the best jokes) to ‘smoke the molly’. So, my fellow digital explorers, keep those returns coming and remember – when the fire’s hot, the play’s hotter.