Star-Struck in Abyss: A Genshin Impact Player’s Dilemma

Dive into the abyss of difficulty within Genshin Impact’s Star Challenge

The popular game Genshin Impact creates its own unique struggle, even for seasoned players, with its particularly challenging abyssal star task. One player, known as ‘bauroneta’, shared his personal experience and quest for advice.


  • Whilst various team compositions have been attempted, the abyssal star task still eludes this determined player.
  • The forum discusses the importance of tactics, team dynamics, and the correct use of elements to conquer the abyss.
  • There is a unanimous sentiment of community support and encouragement, endorsing the nature of a friendly gaming environment.

Strategic Team Compositions

One user encapsulated the essence of strategic gameplay in his response, advising on specific conditions to conquer the abyss. These include a mix of shield breaking and healing actors, along with managing energy and timing. Team synergy, in this case, proves essential. These advice bring a tactical edge to an otherwise deceptively simple game.

Legends of the Abyss

Byleth07, a player who has reached the highest rank (AR 60), humorously affirmed his indifference towards the abyssal star challenge. He proclaims, ‘I can’t 36 star the abyss. And I don’t care.’ This laid back yet reassuring viewpoint mirrors the sentiments of Ravemst who reinforces that ‘it’s not the end of the world.’

Abyssal Advice

A more proactive approach to tackling the abyssal stars comes from fellow players such as jtan1993 and caucassius, who focus on enhancing skills, polishing artefacts and investing in research. As caucassius subtly suggests, those struggling with star tasks may find solace in joining the ‘artifact grind samsara’.

Whether it be self-improvement or simply not caring, the gaming community is the beating heart of Genshin Impact. The collective shared knowledge, coupled with the camaraderie displayed in these forums, not only adds depth to the gaming experience but also fosters a sense of belonging among the gamers. Remember, the stars aren’t everything!