Solving The Mystery: What’s The Girl Band in Honkai: Star Rail Called?

Exploring the curious case of a mysterious girl band in Honkai: Star Rail

In the immersive universe of Honkai: Star Rail, a particular point of perplexity stirred up an energetic conversation amongst the gamer community recently. Not an elusive Easter egg or a convoluted quest line, but a simple question – “What’s this girl band called?”.


  • The post originated from a user curiosity without a post body, relying solely on the enigmatic title.
  • The users engaged in this light-hearted, creative brainstorm, showcasing the lively camaraderie in the Honkai: Star Rail community.
  • A variety of wittily named bands were suggested in an expression of gamers humour.

Band Name Brainstorm

As the question hung in the virtual air, the comments section was soon lit up with a plethora of brilliantly witty suggestions. User “atokenhero” suggested the name “Hert Locker”, linking it back to the original post. Another hilarious punt came from “Limp_Anything_2556” who threw the name “Hertattack” into the name brainstorm.

From The Absurd To The Artistic

Yet, the creativity of the names didn’t stop there. “Mawksie” proposed “Forza” and “Capasak” suggested “kuru kuru forever”, both offering an interesting variety to the mix. The band name ideas ranged from the hilariously absurd to the somewhat artistic, reflective of the vast palette of personalities within the gaming community.

Community Engagement At Its Best

With over a dozen responses, this name game turned out to be an interesting vehicle for the gamer’s community engagement. Users not only showed their wit but also their knowledge about the game. The repeated occurrence of the word ‘Herta’ is significant and few ideas like “GigaHertz” from ‘TrashMcDumpster3000’ interplay the band angle with a tech pun, a classic gamer move.

Indeed, the spirited discussion on the title is as much a testament to Honkai: Star Rail’s immersive universe as it is a celebration of the game’s welcoming community. Leveraging a harmless in-game query, the gamers didn’t just join a discussion but crafted their own narrative. They exemplified that discussions can be as intriguing and fun as the game itself. Who knew defining the undefined could be so much fun!