Should You Go Retro With Call of Duty 1? Unwrapping COD Fan Insights and Remarks

Revisiting the roots: Understand the community sentiment around buying the first Call of Duty game!

‘Should I buy COD 1?’ a user famously asked on an online forum, setting off a spirited debate about the merits and shortcomings of the first Call of Duty (COD) game.


  • User evasnout is contemplating buying the initial entry into the CoD series and sought community counsel
  • Community suggests multiple alternatives to starting with COD 1, including younger installments and related games
  • COD 1 offers unique, challenging gameplay which is atypical in the franchise’s later games
  • Grumbles about the game’s price, especially for an oldie, intermixes with the threads of nostalgia

Unpacking the COD Continuum

‘There’s many different CoD storylines,’ points out RyanAnayaMc, urging any newcomer to not fall to misconceptions about fluidity through the franchise’s timeline. His post suggests that ‘If you wanna play the story, you could do the Modern Warfare original series,’ which asserts a stronger, better-received narrative in comparison to COD1.

A Spin Around Alternatives

Spinmeister6032 and TheNorthman13K prop up an alternative view- skipping directly to later titles. As Spinmeister puts it candidly, ‘Honestly if you wanna play one of the classic cods, I’d probably skip to cod 2 because that game is really good,” implying that sequels offer a more refined COD experience.

Re-living the Good Old Days

On the other side of the coin, certain gamers advocate for the raw retro feel that COD 1 brings. User brizla18 notes the game’s ‘nice campaign that is quite different than later games and is actually quite challenging on higher difficulties’ which positions the classic game as a worthy testing ground for seasoned gamers.

The chat reveals a shared concern for COD 1’s price-to-age ratio. SamuraisEpic voices this common sentiment, deeming $28 unworthy for a two-decade-old game: ‘it’s not worth 28 bucks. 20 years after release.’

In the midst of such discussions, It’s clear to see that the COD community is united by a profound passion for the franchise. As for buying COD 1, varying community perspectives offer a rich tapestry of considerations for potential players. The final decision, as always, swings with personal preferences. From grasping the beginnings of the franchise to diving into substantial storylines, the happiness in the game is where you find it.