Should Invasion return in Future Installments of Call of Duty? – Unfolding Player Perspectives

An overview of perspectives from ‘Call of Duty’ players on whether the Invasion mode should return in future games.

A thread caught momentous traction in the ‘Call of Duty’ community recently, as players engaged in a fervent discussion about the return of ‘Invasion’ mode in future installments.

Insights Gathered

  • A significant number of fans believe that Invasion mode was the standout feature in COD Ghosts, with some referring to it as the ‘best part’.
  • ‘Invasion’ finds favor amongst players as it doubles up as an effective training ground, particularly for enhancing sniping skills.
  • There’s a widespread sentiment that Infinite Warfare’s third mode should be Invasion, especially given the criticism Spec-Ops has received.

Favorable Mindsets

Among the passionate players, Srom suggested the substitute of ‘Extinction’ as it was the only mode they enjoyed in COD Ghosts. Moreover, the post’s author, george123890yang, seconded the return of Invasion as well, branding it as easily the best part of Ghosts.

Training Grounds and Mode Preferences

Player Strain128 enjoyed Invasion from a tactical perspective, calling it the perfect sniper training ground. Additionally, Allegiance10 desired Invasion mode, since in their opinion, Infinite Warfare’s third mode should be Invasion instead of the widely criticized Spec-Ops.

A Collective Yearning

Other users like ThatOneGuy35312 and forrest1985_ conveyed their longing for the mode in clear terms, with the simple ‘Yes, I miss this’ and the more emphatic ‘Extinction should 110%’ respectively.

Without a doubt, the popular opinion shows a strong player base advocating for Invasion’s return. If ‘Call of Duty’ developers are tuning into these player perspectives, we might just witness the return of this much-loved game mode!