Shedding Seconds off Your Reload Time in Counter-Strike: Double Swapping Whiz or Whiff?

Insightful scoop on the controversial double swapping tactic in Counter-Strike and it’s a community takes.

A lively debate has erupted over a curious tactic in the mighty arena of Counter-Strike, courtesy of a post by the user ‘Pentotion’ who shared the intriguing idea that double swapping while reloading can decrease reload time.


  • An apparent game-changing trick was discovered, sparking much debate and analysis within the community.
  • Some users immediately recognise its potential impact, while others express scepticism.
  • There are splits in opinions, some see it as a glitch which needs fixing, while others are reminiscing about the golden days of Counter-Strike.

Revolution or Ordinary Reload?

As observed by ‘TaleFree’, this could potentially be a game-altering issue that requires the developer’s immediate attention. ‘Nice find you can maybe email them the issue as well as this needs fixing.’ Wondering how it works? User ‘ffafafafawf’ is asking the same ‘Do you just press the buttons manually to switch to knife and back to the gun or is it a bind’

Back in the Day

Some veterans of Counter-Strike, like ‘CheeseWineBread’, interpret the revelation as a throwback to version 1.6. ‘people want 1.6 back. Nice Valve!’ Others like ‘cornflakes369’ are not quite sure, but it certainly brings back memories. ‘I swear this used to be a thing in csgo too.’

The Crackdown

In the lab, we have ‘Jabulon’ who crunched some numbers and shared that there is, indeed, a significant change. ‘the famas at least is faster when double swapping like this, from 0.3406 to 0.2890 repeatable.’ Meanwhile, ‘munwarzielf’ swears by the good ol’ fashioned way of simple reloading, labeling double swapping as ‘fancy’. ‘Sounds like bullshit to me, but hey, anything to shave off those split seconds in a game, right? I’ll stick to my good ol’ regular reloading technique and hope for the best.’

So there you have it, a trick to have you reloading like greased lightning, or a simply over-hyped Reddit post? You decide! But let’s be serious, we’re all going to give it a shot, right? After all, every split second counts in Counter-Strike.