Shaping the Future of Gaming: The ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ AI Experience

Honkai: Star Rail engages its fans in AI debates: ‘To Auto, or not to Auto?’

The discussion heated around a command in Honkai: Star Rail video game – AUTO. It’s a quintessential part of the gameplay that has driven players to voice their thoughts, fears and even witty comebacks.


  • The AUTO function has enabled some players to enjoy the grind of farming materials without the hassle.
  • Certain players see an opportunity for game developers to explore innovative concepts like the ‘record and replay’ mechanism.
  • Humor prevails amid the tension, as players joke about the AI surpassing their gaming abilities.
  • Though some remain skeptical, others view the rise of AI gaming as a fascinating phenomenon.

Taming the AUTO Beast

A comment by Anise121 touches upon an interesting aspect of AUTO usage: convenience for farming materials. They commented, ‘The only time I ever use Auto is while farming… I don’t care what they do in the middle as long as I get the material.’ But they drawing line at engaging AUTO during serious boss fights.

A Step into the Future?

Ren_Violetcat sheds light on how AI can revolutionize gaming with a “record” and “replay” feature, a concept used in games like Arknights or Reverse 1999. They suggested, ‘…you can achieve the fastest way possible on your account just repeat it on auto for farming.’ Racing against your own best record seemed like a fun idea.

Amusingly Outplayed, Human!

Gamba_Gawd’s comment reflects a humorous undertone. A statement which made an amusing point came from Claire-Sama, acknowledging the superior gaming skills of their Bronya Ai: ‘She might even be better at the game than me now!’

AI: Friend or Foe?

While LOWERCASEzetina and No_Effective_5247 found humor in the debate, others like San-Kyu viewed AI involvement neutrally, perhaps even positively. He shared, ‘I think ai managing to play games for us is rather fascinating to be honest.’

One thing’s for certain, Honkai: Star Rail’s AUTO sparked a vibrant debate. The function generated multiple perspectives, underpinning the complex relationship between players, AI, and gaming as we hurtle towards a future dominated by AI.