Season Seven Adoration Skyrockets in Fortnite Community

Catch why the Fortnite planes are now fan-favorites, after a Season Seven devotee’s uproarious post.

Fortnite keeps its gamer community rapt with its intriguing and ever-evolving gameplay. The latest uproar comes from the post of a player who finds himself in a hilariously unexpected situation with his plane, claiming him as the number one fan of Season Seven.


  • The post cemented the fan-favorite status of the planes in Fortnite, particularly of Season Seven.
  • The comments reveal shared amusement over the unpredictable in-game mechanics.
  • There’s a playful quarrel sparking over who’s the ultimate fan of Season Seven.

Fan Reactions

In response to the spontaneous plane episode, ‘Tanzuki’ deftly tagged it as “Calculated”. On the other hand, ‘Dependent_Buy_9641’ humorously suggested that the plane was on Japanese mode. Users expressed their love and shared jest for the game’s unpredictable fun.

Debate Over Ultimate Season Seven Fan

A playful rivalry has sprung up, battling for the title of ‘#1 season seven fan’. User ‘amaya-aurora’ challenged the original poster’s claim, only to be contested by ‘Cold-Salt2719’ who asserted, by virtue of spending all saved money on maxing out the battle pass, that they are the ultimate fan of Season Seven.

Implications for Gameplay

Aside from humor, user ‘evilchihuahua9’ highlighted possible gameplay implications. He speculated that if the original post involved getting sniped at the end, it would’ve been “Fortnite af”.

So, whether it’s unpredictably loyal planes, or playful fan rivalries, it’s never a dull moment in the Fortnite community. Adding a dash of hilarity to the intense gameplay, clearly, Fortnite continues to dominate the gaming landscape.