Reviving the Past: Counter-Strike’s Zombie Server Resurfaces in 2023

Discover the revival of a classic Counter-Strike experience via its fan-created Zombie Server that echoes the good old days!

In a love letter to the Counter-Strike community, player Mikaiso spent two challenging months revisiting the glory days of the game, specifically constructing a nostalgic Zombie Server. Loveletters aside, he clearly states that getting players is akin to finding a four leaf clover in a field of Russian servers.


  • The server is not only about revisiting past glories but also includes newer features such as a custom join sound and a VIP system.
  • This nostalgia trip is complete with 40 maps from the classic era, coupled with a mix of normal and ze maps.
  • Snipers are temporarily unavailable – whether they return or not is subject to popular opinion.

Server Details & Inclusions

As per our moderinos (please don’t ban me for that), the server, by code of conduct joins the Zombie servers map rotation post. Mikaiso provides an exhaustive list of plugins used and available skins. Zombie claws? Check. Parachutes and without unlimited ammo? Check and check. Just when you thought this was the full nostalgic experience, Mikaiso pulled out the homer skin card. It’s safe to say the community was left with their jaws dropped.

Community Response

Post commentary overflowed with enthusiasm and support. User LIL_T-R3X expressed a similar positioning of running a server employing very much the same nostalgic principals albeit there were odd disagreements with the Simpsons fandom. Echoing this sentiment, users Squat_site, Used-Twist44 and ZheZheBoi expressed their interest in trying out Mikaiso’s effort and some even after a long Counter-Strike hiatus. Others like AsIfIKnowWhatImDoin and d0mie89 shared concerns due to past experiences like confusion or lack of motivation to try out a new server. Click here, here and here to take a look at the full comments.

The Future of the Server

While the server was received with excitement, it was not without critical feedback. From constructive comments about the implemented skins (Sorry Homer Simpson fans!) to in-depth discussions about the features. Questions also flowed about the choice for hosting on CS:S over CS2. Mikaiso seems ready for the next step, the real fun begins now.

It’s not every day we see dedicated gamers pouring their heart and soul into creating something for the community to enjoy, a nostalgic trip down memory lane, carefully crafted with features old and new, evoking the essence of our beloved game – Counter-Strike. Whether you long for that old school game you played with friends after school or you’re curious to see what those days felt like, this server seems like the perfect time machine. So strap on your Homer skin, get your zombie claws ready, it’s time for a flashback!