Revamping the Fortnite UI: A Community Effort – Insights and sentiments from the Fortnite universe

An insightful journey into the world of Fortnite’s UI improvements as discussed by its loyal fanbase.

One of the exciting things about being a part of the Fortnite community is watching the changes the game undergoes over time, but not all of them have been welcomed openheartedly by the player base.


  • Fans voiced a strong preference for a return to the previous UI layout, finding it more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • A chunk of users suggested Epic Games take note of the modifications suggested.
  • However, a small group finds comfort in the new iteration, welcoming the innovative loadout separation.

Community Feedback

The sentiment voiced by the majority leans towards a retouch of the newly updated UI. nutbuggett eagerly supports the proposed tweak, seeing potential in having a dedicated Festival tab.

Positive reinforcement was also echoed by Any_Plankton1268 and moonpeach33, who proclaimed the changes as a ‘much better’ solution.

EPIC, Are You Listening?

The fortnite warriors weren’t shy of directly tagging the Fortnite team in a bid to draw attention to the community’s sentiment. fae_faye_ and McJellyDonuts urged them to reconsider and fall back to the previous, beloved style.

The Outsider Viewpoint

The large level of agreement doesn’t come without dissent – puglightning10 expressed how they ‘prefer the separate loadouts’, while kimiireddit advises other players to accept the changes as they are.

As we dive deeper into the locker dilemma, one thing is clear – people care. Whether that conversation leads to change or just underlines the passion of Fortnite’s fanbase, the wait for Epic’s response is sure to be filled with suspense and speculation.