Revamping Fortnite Interface: Custom UI for Vendors/Class Trainers Explored

Get the scoop on Fortnite’s subreddit witty discussions around the custom vendor/class trainer UI.

Today, we take a deep dive into the quirky world of Fortnite, particularly the lively conversations swirling around a custom user interface for vendors and class trainers.


  • Most users were thrilled with the new interface, expressing their reactions with comments like ‘this looks so good.’
  • The sentiment was positive overall, with many users applauding the quality and aesthetics of the new interface.
  • A number of users expressed curiosity about the new interface, with one person asking if verse was really necessary for the interface.

Bringing Aesthetics into Play

One member, ‘YTshadowyfox’, expressed appreciation for the quality of the design saying, ‘How this looks so good’. This sentiment echoes the opinions of many users who feel that the aesthetic appeal of the user interface greatly enhances the gaming experience.

Three Cheers for Three Years!

In a lighter vein, ‘zi_ings’, took a moment to divert from the topic and reminded all to celebrate the game’s third anniversary saying, ‘happy 3 years.’

A Question of Necessity

Interjected amid the mostly positive responses, was a possible note of skepticism by ‘worldeater-6’ who questioned, ‘Was verse needed for this?’ This statement conveys an underlying curiosity about the elements in the new UI.

In the quirky world of Fortnite, it’s both the game and the conversations that keep gamers hooked. From appreciating aesthetics to questioning necessity, this spirited discussion offered an insightful peek into the community’s passion for Fortnite. The custom UI’s favorable reception demonstrates the game’s ability to continually captivate its players – here’s to more victories and clever gaming banter!