Return to Roots: An Appeal for the Forgotten Mode in Fortnite

Explores the comments and sentiments surrounding the missing game mode in Fortnite sparked by a Reddit user post.

There’s been quite a buzz in the Fortnite fandom about a seeming oversight in the game modes. In light of a cryptic and intriguing post on an online forum, players have been rallying around the perceived neglect of a particular, often glossed over, game mode. The original post entitled, ‘I think they are missing a mode… maybe one that started the whole game? Hmm?’, was submitted by a user by the name of parappaisadoctor. The post then goes on to say, ‘I know it’s a lot to ask; I really can’t leave without it; It’s somewhere nearby; Check your map for the location of the medkit :)’.


  • Reception towards the forgotten game mode is mixed among the community.
  • Some players express nostalgia while others point out the reality of its underserved status.
  • This topic sparks a broader conversation on the development focus in Fortnite.

A Voice for the Forgotten

The original post appears to be a somewhat tongue-in-cheek appeal for the return of the forgotten game mode, using a queasy mix of pleas and directions signifying an earnest wish for its revival. A fellow player, Maxwell-555, joined in on the fun, echoing the same sentiment. ‘Thank you, I was getting worried. I know it’s a lot to ask. I really can’t leave without it. It’s somewhere nearby. Check your map for the location of the Medkit!’

The Muted Voices

Contrary to this, some players consider the forgotten mode a done and dusted chapter. User dixonciderbottom expressed, ‘No one really cares about STW. It’s time to let it go.’ The candid comment underscores the less sentimental perspective towards the mode, suggesting that the gaming community may have moved on.

Frustration Fuels Change

Expressing his frustration, another user, dargon01 lamented, ‘I mean, why mention the game they haven’t updated in 3 years?’ This further highlights the perceived absence of developer focus on this mode. The comment also underscores the longing for change and updates.

Recapturing the Magic

To some, the comments provoked a sense of nostalgia for this forgotten mode and its initial magic. Overall, the discussion has become a rallying cry for the mode’s revival and a broader conversation about innovation in the game.

Whether or not this heartfelt appeal will spark change remains to be seen. Still, one thing’s for sure – Fortnite’s community is never short of passion or biting wit.