Resurgence of Affection for Rush Gaming in Call of Duty BO2: A Fan Perspective

Exploring the nostalgic rush of Call of Duty BO2 through fan discussions, and why it’s still being touted as the exception!

The Call of Duty community is buzzing with nostalgia and fond memories of being able to rush in the stellar game – ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’ (BO2). This sentiment comes especially from Redditors, where user Salemtom initiated a thread nostalgically titled ‘[BO2] I Miss Being Able To Rush’.

The Nostalgia for Old Rush Gaming

  • Salemtom nostalgically remembers times ‘back when the game didn’t punish you for moving’.
  • Another fan, No-Actuator-6245, adds, ‘That brings back memories’.
  • User skizzybop12 describes BO2 as a ‘golden era’.

The Missing ‘Rush’

It’s evident that the community collectively misses the fast-paced gameplay from BO2. Even Salemtom, the discussion initiator, notes how the game didn’t punish you for being on the move. According to them, the present gaming experience somehow lacks that aspect of unrestricted mobility. The idea of being penalized for movement isn’t a fan favorite, and there’s clearly desire for a return of less restrictive gameplay mechanics.

Call of Duty’s Progress

User sunquiller, however, presents a counter-view, suggesting that the current iteration of COD still caters well to rushers. It signals a meaningful dialogue on the evolution of the franchise. Skizzybop12 praises the older version for the versatility of weapons on different maps, emphasizing how ‘you can run any gun on any map’.

BO2: The Undisputed Winner?

There’s almost unanimous acclaim for BO2 in the thread, with users calling it the best COD ever. Icy-Computer7556 proudly states, ‘Best cod ever to exist hands down‘. Sexyagentdingdong seconds this sentiment by calling it ‘the GOAT right there’.

The community’s yearning for the old COD games is not just about the rush gaming factor, but for a simpler time when the games were about fun and camaraderie. As user Musathepro reminisces about playing zombies with friends and no SBMM, they also speak of a time when strategy was key for class setup. Ah, those were the days!