Players Peek: Delving into Call of Duty Choices and Chronicles

Unraveling the debate on the best Call of Duty game for beginners through an insightful exploration of user comments.

In a recent bout of nostalgia, the Call of Duty community took to the web to weigh in on where newcomers should start their venture into the franchise. With no shortage of opinions, we took a deep dive into the conversation to understand the sentiment better.


  • There is a strong divide among players regarding whether newcomers should start with Black Ops One or World at War.
  • Many commenters favor the storytelling, multiplayer, and zombie mode found in Black Ops One.
  • However, a significant number of individuals staunchly hold onto the belief that World at War offers a better introduction to the series.
  • Several comments suggest some felt ‘tricked’ into starting with BO, while others affirm the choice as being a solid introduction.

The Controversy Unveiled

In what can only be described as an online “Call of Duty” thunderdome, players passionately defended their preferred title. Some like KeptPopcorn5189 held the view that ‘Black Ops One was a continuation of World at War’s story.’

Others, such as Diamondhands_Rex, took a more humorous approach and claimed that ‘Canadians and British characters in Call of Duty 3 are so charismatic.’

Black Ops One or World at War?

When it comes to deciding between Black Ops One and World at War, players like AFCADaan9 can be heard saying, ‘…Definitely should’ve gotten WaW as well.’

On the other end of the spectrum, mistersardine1 could not resist a playful dig, saying, ‘…You’ll love playing Black Ops 1 multiplayer, especially if you love losing your rank every time!’

A Meeting in the Middle?

Some players, such as saltyfuck111, took a more balanced stance, stating that ‘both games are great…either way, you’re good to go have fun.’

Overall, the sentiment leans neither fully towards Black Ops One nor World at War. Rather, it showcases the rich tapestry that is the Call of Duty franchise and the passionate community that has sprouted around it.

Navigating the COD sphere as a newcomer may seem like a daunting endeavor— littered with seemingly inconclusive debates over ‘the best’— but this variety is simply a testament to a franchise that has something for everyone. And remember, whichever choice you make, it seems you’re definitely in for a treat!