Player Battles With Fists In Genshin Impact: A Reddit Scoop

Battle with fists only in Genshin Impact? A reddit user shares their interesting gameplay with the community.

In a fresh take on Genshin Impact gameplay, reddit user dimitribui has chosen to battle their foes using nothing more than their cunning, dodging skills, and a whole lot of fists. With ‘no shields or blocking’ and ‘melee character only’, this game-playing maverick has decided to give ranged fighters the middle finger…metaphorically speaking.


  • The post has been greeted with a largely positive response, players seemingly amused and intrigued by the fist-only challenge
  • A number of comments make note of the difficulty of such a feat
  • Most users have commended the skill demonstrated in the video, alluding the gameplay to various pop-culture references

Fists of Fury

As user baishi-yoshitake notes, ‘The Wrizzler is pretty fun for solos.’. This rings particularly true when one considers the melee action involved, indeed comparing this gameplay to a solo dance of destruction and crouches seems apt. This observation of the fun factor in solo gameplay also highlights the sense community that Genshin Impact fosters among its players, despite its largely single player mode.

The Difficulty Factor

One user highlights the inherent difficulty that comes with such a gameplay choice, with ThisAccountIsStolen admitting that they too barely survived a similar encounter: ‘Trying to dodge both Liam’s electro *and* pyro so you don’t get one-shot by the overloaded reaction…’. It is clear that the ‘fist-only’ restriction imposes a certain level of skill requirement that also elevates the challenge of the game.

Pop Culture References

But where would gamers be without their pop culture? In this tight-knit community, references fly faster than a dodging Wiro. Enter user kaori_cicak990: ‘Dio vs jotaro at isekai /s’. This highlights the appeal that melee combat, particularly in the form of physical brawls, has retained through generations and mediums, be it anime or video games.

The Bigger Picture

The innovative approaches players like Dimitribui take, are indicative of the vast potential for personalized experiences within Genshin Impact. It reflects the flexibility of the gaming ecosystem and its ability to adapt to individual expressions of creativity and skill.