Overcoming ‘FOMO’ in Fortnite: Subreddit Users’ Stories and Insights

The Fortnite gaming community shares experiences and suggestions to overcome the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ on exclusive skins.

Brace yourself for an adventurous ride through the gaming world of Fortnite, where users expressed feelings of ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (FOMO). This sentiment stems from the unavailability of previous battle pass skins for new players. Despite the fun and enjoyment derived from playing the game, users often feel a sense of regret, longing for the one skin they couldn’t get. Let’s teleport into the specifics of this FOMO conversation that’s heating up in Fortnite cyber gaming world.


  • The overarching sentiment is that players enjoy the game, but the FOMO overshadows this enjoyment
  • There’s a collective wish for a system where all skins are made available at some point to all users
  • Some players argue that the FOMO element is detrimental to gaming culture as a whole
  • Despite the sadness, players find joy in anticipating new skins in upcoming seasons.

Coping Mechanisms

Despite the shared sense of restlessness, players actively devise coping mechanisms. As argued by TheLittleSpider, there’s no need to feel bad because you missed some skin in a videogame. They encourage looking forward to the new releases each season. Elegant_Doubt3334 pinned advice on acceptance, reminding others that everyone misses out sometimes.

Call for Revamping the System

Several users suggest alternatives to the current system. Desperate_Ad5169 proposed an idea of having an equivalent skin in the shop for each exclusive one. Whereas, Em1Wii discussed the possibility of buying past battle passes similar to Halo Infinite’s approach. The consensus is, a change could be profitable and beneficial for all.

FOMO and its Implications

HannahOwO88 sparks a thoughtful critique on FOMO, illustrating its destructive power on gaming culture. The exclusivity associated with certain skins isn’t viewed positively by everyone. But the silver lining, as Hannah points out, is that most popular battle pass skins do end up getting remakes.

The FOMO phenomenon isn’t just about longing for past skins. It’s a testament to the powerful influence Fortnite has had on its gamers. While the love for Fortnite is apparent, it’s clear players hope for a more inclusive future. One where ‘Fear of Missing Out’ is replaced with ‘Joy of Having Had.’ So, keep your game controller ready, Fortnite fans! The future can spring surprises.