NPC Exhaustion in Genshin Impact – A Deeper Dive!

Dive into the humourous community responses to the NPC work-life in Genshin Impact.

It appears that the industrious NPCs in popular online action RPG, Genshin Impact, have finally decided to take a well-deserved break. A humourous post on the topic has gathered some noteworthy comments in the community.


  • A joke about NPCs growing tired of incessant work has brought amusement to the community
  • Users engage with the concept through Skyrim references
  • There’s praise for the game’s detailed, fitting character models and weapons.
  • Overall sentiment: Positive, fun-loving exchanges and appreciation of the game’s design.

Cheeky Comparisons

User Defiant-Fuel934 sparks laughter with a crafty comment, jesting, “Do you get up to the Palais Mermonia very often? Oh, what am I saying? Of course you don’t.” This lighthearted remark cleverly plays into the post’s theme. Could it be NPCs not making it to the palace due to their newfound break time?

A Remarkable Reality

In response, Tartagliaenjoyer29 confirms, “omg this is real.” This clarification adds to the merriment, letting folks know that the NPCs’ decision to lounge about isn’t just a pipedream of the community. It’s an odd little reality in the game that continues to amuse.

Models Making A Mark

Another noteworthy expression of admiration comes from Muccys who quite fittingly asks, “Why do these models fit their skeletons so well? Even the weapons fit their hands perfectly.” It’s a sweet nod to the creators at miHoYo, applauding their attention to detail and the efforts they continue to pour into the game universe.

And so, whether it be indulging in a humorous fantasy or marveling at the impressive in-game design, it’s clear that the Genshin Impact community is a lively bunch. They engage with the game and its elements with such infectious enthusiasm and charm that one can’t help but want to join the fun.